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Existing patients already qualify, simply ask us during your next visit.



Request a New Patient Appointment Online

Our online booking system allows you to look at open appointments that work for you. That’s right, no back and forth, no asking if we have an opening. If it’s online, It should be available. 



Our Patient and Insurance Coordinators Will Confirm Your Booking


Patient Coordinator


Patient Coordinator

We Direct Bill Your Insurance Plans

At this stage, expect Vida or Alex, our amazing coordinators to give you a call to confirm your appointment. 
They’re role is to welcome you and let you know what you should expect. 
They will also ask you for your insurance information to start step three.



We Will Confirm Your Insurance Coverages

We only like surprises when it’s our birthdays, I bet you feel the same.
Especially when the surprise has to do with extra payments.

Mount Royal Dental Centre, proudly follows the Alberta Dental Association’s Fee Guide


To make sure you understand how much you’ll pay, if you have any uncovered or out of pocket expense, we will coordinate coverages.
This means, checking work place dental insurance, your partner’s benefits and any personally owned insurance.

If there are any issues with your coverage we will let you know, so you can decide to proceed with your appointment, reschedule or if it’s not financially feasible for you to continue, we will honor your free-whitening treatment when you come back in the future.

We have a video explain insurance coverages here



You Come For Your Initial Dental Check-Up and Cleaning

This is when we finally get to meet you in person, YAY!

Vida or Alex will welcome you in, help you complete the necessary consent and information forms.

Please be sure to arrive 10 minutes prior to your booked appointment. This is to account for the initial patient information checklist and insurance verification.

Our team of expert hygienists will walk you through the treatment. Make sure you let them know if you have any allergies or any pre-existing health concerns.

We want to make sure, we prioritize dental health first. You may require immediate treatment that would make you unfit for a dental impression or whitening solutions. If that’s the case, treatments will be done first, but you will have the free dental treatment in your file so you won’t ever lose it.


Here’s what the typical treatment would entail:

  • Complete Diagnostic X-Rays (Panoramic, Bite-Wings and PA)
  • 45 Minutes of Dental Scaling
  • Dental Check-Up and Review (Dr. John Caldwell will walk you through your oral health and look at any potential issues that must be addressed)
  • Your Hygienist will take an impression of your teeth. This is how we make sure the free whitening system is truly tailored to you.
  • Our coordinators will walk you through and pre-book you for your whitening system pick-up and any treatments if necessary.



You Try On Your Customized Whitening Tray (Remember, this is molded to you)
Teeth Wearing a glass slipper to show a custom fit

This is a modern, dental fairy tale. We want to make sure the whitening trays actually fit you and your smile.

We want to help with your comfort and whitening efficacy here. 
This is what sets this system apart from store bought solutions.

Because this system is built only for you, the fit helps apply the whitening solution much more evenly for optimal application.

We will also provide you with clinically proven whitening solutions, not available in stores. You will have enough to last you 6 months.

Please don’t forget, that even if teeth whitening has been commercialized, this is still a medical treatment. This is why during your fitting, our team members will educate you and walk you through proper use to ensure safety and efficacy.

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